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S+S Layouts

For a sweet and simple pleasure...

Sweet and Simple Layouts
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Sweet and Simple Layouts is for people who are new to LJ to have an interesting and lovely layout. It's also for newbies to learn more about simple and easy css and html before taking on huge layout codes.

These layouts are simple to manipulate but we do have rules that must be followed.

[♥]When posting a request you must follow the template below
[♥]Do not alter your journal codes unless you alter the journal completely or have permission from one of the admins
[♥]Do not touch the backgrounds or icons given to you in any way! Ask permission before even attempting it
[♥]Do not reproduce the background image or icons without permission
[♥]While you have your S+S layout(without modification) you must have the links linking back to the admins journals in either your bio, or the actual journal.

Request Template
Must always be used when asking for a layout
--What theme do you want?
This could be anything. You could even link a picture
--What colors would you like to see?
We'll consider(and we'll probably use the colors you wish) but we might pick something else..
--Have you read(and understand) the rules?
--Have something specific in mind? Tell us exactly what you want

Journal's Made by S+S

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[the beautiful swede]>>wenya