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Hoping for some help...

Request Template
I'm not sure what template would work best for what I want... (I'm completely clueless when it comes to this stuff).. so I don't want to pick the wrong one..

--What theme do you want?
I have a picture I'd like to use as a background. It's here but if you wanted to beef it up a bit, with my user name or anything else that would be cool...

--What colors would you like to see?
Mostly blues, black, grey, white, silver... but nothing too flashy.

--Have you read(and understand) the rules?

--Have something specific in mind? Tell us exactly what you want.
I'd like the same sort of ideas as amberliquor, where there is a frame for the entries (which is sort of greyed over so it's easier to see the text) and the background of the page is the same thing (fixed).. And as for my friends page, I'd like the same idea but the entry area to be larger, (almost the whole page) with the same background so that it's easier for me to read my friend's page.

I *really* hope someone can help me out. I bought a paid account (and will probably continue to pay for it) and then realized I'm kind of in over my head. Basic webdesign skills just don't cut it anymore, I guess LOL!
Thanks in advance!!
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