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Request Layout... please and thanks

Request Template
Must always be used when asking for a layout

--What theme do you want?
*Something featuring Kurt Cobain or A Perfect Circle, whatever you could do best. Or I dont even need a theme just cool colors and some good song lyrics.*
--What colors would you like to see? *Anything dark. Blacks, greys, blues, purples. I also like black and white.*
--Have you read(and understand) the rules? *Yes Maam*
--Have something specific in mind? Tell us exactly what you want. *Im really not very picky. I think any layout that isnt the defaults is awsome! I just want dark colors, if it can feature someone Id like Kurt Cobain or A Perfect Circle. As for lyrics, anything from Tool, A Perfect Circle or Nirvana.

I promise I will like anything you make for me and will credit like mad. Im so appreciative.. thanks!!
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